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My name is Mike. My family and I live on three and a half acres outside of Milford Indiana in the country, and love to share it with our Dogs. We have Great passion for the Doodles and Poodles!
We breed for quality in health and temperament and all our puppies are very socialized by us and our children!
Our dogs are happy dogs and get exercised daily. We have 10 years plus combined experience as breeders. Our goal and mission is to raise happy and healthy puppies!

3 years ago we took the big leap of faith and went to doing the breeding full time. We knew with the passion and love that we have for our dogs that we didn’t want this to be part time for us. With a family, it’s hard to do this part time or on the side because of all the work it takes to meet the dogs needs and then also wanting to be a big part and great influence in our 4 kids lives. Sports and spending time on our nearby lake is something we really enjoy as a family!

We had a wonderful new 1820 sq. ft. (Roof is 3000 sq. ft.) facility built fall 2016, where our dogs have a temperature controlled environment. Heated floors to lay on in the winter and A/C for those hot summer days!
We have 10 indoor/outdoor runs for our Breeders and 7 indoor/outdoor runs for our nursery. The outside runs are covered by a roof to protect the dogs from the weather. Everything is stainless steel, aluminum , fiberglass, or solid plastic in our facility to make cleaning and disinfecting as easy as possible.

We had a water softener and an on demand water heater installed separately for the facility that makes the cleaning so much easier! All our cleaning and washing down is done with the 120 degree water. Which again makes such a difference on keeping things clean!
We also had a brand new filter system installed for the dogs drinking water. We definitely believe that clean, safe water is extremely important to a dog or puppy’s health and well being!
Our facility and all the fencing sets on approximately one acre of land, which gives the dogs plenty of room for multiple daily exercise.

Included in the new facility is a 20 by 35 show room with a 14 by 14 puppy play area, office and public restroom.

The whole facility and property is under surveillance and security at all times as well! Which is great because we can monitor pregnant mamas and puppies at all times. My wife jokes all the time about our dogs are living better than us and that their home is nicer inside and outside than our own!;)

We have a wonderful relationship with our vet for the past 12 years. We’re very quick to contact the doctors for advice and also take our dogs to the clinic when needed.
They’re ever so eager to help us with our program and want the very best for us and our dogs!

With all that being said, we hope you choose us to adopt that perfect puppy!

If you have any interest or questions about our puppies please feel free to contact us!

Our Little Helpers

Our children are a huge part of our dogs..They play and love on all the puppies and have them well socialized by the time they are ready for their new homes. They also enjoy spending lots of time with our adult dogs, including helping out with feeding and cleaning. 

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