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Our Guardian Family Program


As responsible caring breeders we work hard to provide the very best for our dogs. We breed for diversity, good health, temperament, train-ability, size and color variety within our breeding program. Our Guardian Dogs are placed in a loving home environments to give our breeding parent dogs a great life with a family. This gives our breeding dogs the opportunity to be raised in their forever home per the Guardian Agreement.  Guardian Families can provide the Guardian dog individual training, socialization and most importantly to be loved and cared for as part of your family, which gives us at Railway more opportunities to raise Great puppies. 

  What could be better? The Guardian family has the opportunity to have a wonderful companion and new family member at no cost, in exchange for working with us over the course of the Guardian Agreement. Our Guardian Families will receive benefits for being a part of  Railway's Guardian Program. This wonderful program is used by many breeders and is often referred to as a "Guardian Home" program which is similar to a Lease Agreement, though no cash payments are made, just the fulfillment of the Guardian Agreement. Here at Railway we're always here to help and support you with training tips, proper nutrition - proper vaccination - worming/parasite control...







How our Guardian Program works?

  Guardian Family (GF) receives a puppy that has been chosen for them by Railway for the Guardian Program. Guardian Family agrees to provide any and all veterinary care. Railway provides any vet care that pertains to reproductive testing and any health screening needed for breeding purposes. Guardian Dogs (GD) will be returned to Railway for a number of things including but not limited to, veterinary visits, health screening appointments, for short periods of time while girls are in season for progesterone testing (Ovulation testing) and breeding, stud service, whelping (girls giving birth), raising their puppies (normally until weaning, this period of time is approximately 7 to 8 weeks), short visits to continue a relationship and a growing bond with GD and us. Guardian Family agrees to provide transportation to Railway and/or for any necessary appointments as needed. 

  The Guardian Agreement is for 5 years for the females and 7 years for the boys, keep in mind that males are not used for breeding for the first time until 10 months of age or older and most of our females are normally bred on their second heat cycle which normally occurs around 14-18 months of age.

  Contrary to some beliefs our Guardian stud dogs/Sire (males) or Bitches/Dams (females) are no more difficult to house train, obedience train or socialize than a spayed/neutered dog is. There are current studies that show our dogs can live healthier and longer lives when not spayed/neutered at a young age.

Hormones can play an important rule in their proper growth and development both mentally and physically. 


Guardian Family Qualifications

  • Own your own home 

  • Dog must be supervised while leashed or in fenced yard at all times

  • Be willing to train basic commands - walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay and come

  • Participate in approved group training classes.

  • Keep dog use to and comfortable with crate training and car rides

  • Previous dog experience helpful

  • Ensure the puppy/dog is socialized with people (of all ages) and with other animals

  • Provide appropriate Veterinary care or Emergency care if needed

  • Must feed same high quality food that we do

  • Must keep them in proper body weight and body condition

  • Must be able to identify onset of a females heat cycle and notify breeder

  • Female in heat is not to be allowed around any intact (non neutered) males

  • Not allow female to become bred to any males

  • Must be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder (Railway)

  • Must be willing to provide Railway with copies of all veterinary, training, grooming records and receipts

  • May never become over or under weight, must be kept in ideal body weight.

Please text or call Mike


for more information and availability.

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