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About Those Older Puppies

Testimonials from our Older Puppy Clients



Judge was adopted at 11 months of age!
He's a F1b Mini Bernedoodle.

IMG_7332 2.jpg
IMG_7333 2.jpg


Kobe (Emmitt) was adopted at 9 months of age!
He's a F1b Micro size Goldendoodle.
Penny GD/Finn

IMG_3890 2.jpg
IMG_3889 2.jpg

Lily Joy

Lily (Chica) was adopted at 14 months of age!
She's a Mini Multigen Goldendoodle.
Hazel Grace/Happy


Hi all! This is my extra special, Heaven sent, MGD 🪷Lily Joy! You see, in 2021, my beloved husband and soulmate of 37 passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 59. Almost a year later, I unexpectedly lost my 9 year old Aussie Doodle to a brain tumor. A month later, my 82 year old dad passed away. To say I was devastated is an understatement. Meanwhile, sometimes when you lose people in your life to death, you also lose people who are living. At that point the only thing that I had left, was our old English bulldog, beagle mix, Lila. She was an amazing dog, who brought me so much comfort during my darkest days about a month ago I said goodbye to her as I had it to the ER. I didn’t even realize how sick I was. I thought I would be home that same day. My friends came and took her to the kennel for me. About three months prior. I found out that she did have a very bad heart murmur. Anyway, I know this is long but there’s a point to this. I was admitted to the hospital and would need a surgery. The day of my surgery the kennel called me to tell me that they were playing with Lila and she was having fun and she collapsed and passed away. I have no words to describe that I felt. But now comes the good and joyful part. 😇


Last week I wasn’t even looking to get a dog, and I knew that I was in no situation to have a puppy at this point. But my heart was so unfulfilled. I have not been without any kind of an animal since I was five years old, so I came across this MGD, a beautiful sable color, that nobody had chosen when she was born. So she’s been with the breeder ever since. When my dad passed away it was June 13, 2022. That Sunday, June 19 was Father’s Day and that was the day that Lily Joy was born.  me and my husband’s anniversary was June 15. I just knew that somehow this was divine intervention as I call it. I knew that daddy had this puppy in mind for me all along !


So I’ve had her since this past Thursday. And she has been an absolute joy in my life. I feel so fortunate and blessed she is actually helping me heal my lungs. I can tell that when I get tired and she knows it, she comes over to me in a way that tells me I need to go sit down with her. She’s extremely gentle and loving with me, and she doesn’t mess with my oxygen tubing at all, which is a good thing 😊 thank you for listening to my story. It’s a testimony that sometimes there is that extra special one waiting for us at an extra special time in our lives.  


Jet was adopted at 6 months of age!
He's a F1b Mini Bernedoodle.
Molly MBD/Ripley

IMG_9817 2.JPG

This is our second time working with Railway Acres. We adopted a Mini Aussiedoodle named Ellie 4 years ago. We recently adopted a 6 month old Mini Bernedoodle named Jet from Railway Acres, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. The adoption process was smooth and stress-free.
Jet has been an amazing addition to our family, and it’s clear that he was well socialized before we brought him home. We were pleasantly surprised to find out he was already potty trained, leash-trained, and sleeping through the night. Jet is such a sweet dog and has fit in perfectly with our family. We highly recommend Railway Acres to anyone who is looking for a healthy well socialized puppy. Thank you,
Railway Acres, for helping us find our new best friend!


Annie was adopted at 8 months of age!
She's a F1bb Mini Goldendoodle


Merry Christmas Railway Acres Mike Lehman & Family, It had been a year already since we adopted Annie. We have enjoyed every minute of her & pretty sure she is very happy here too. Thank you again for all your training & professionalism with breeding these wonderful dogs. Hope you & your family have Happy Holidays!  Thanks again for all you do!
  -Jay, Nancy & Annie


Georgia (Kira) was adopted at 6 months of age!
She's a F1b Mini Bernedoodle
Molly MBD/Ripley

IMG_4231 2.JPG

Georgia (aka Kira) has discovered how to spoon w/ Knox on the couch.  He’s not quite sure how he feels about it but it just gives me another reason to snuggle them both.  Can’t say it enough about how much joy this new addition has brought to me Mike.  Thank you for entrusting us with her. -Julie


Duke was adopted at 8 months of age!
He's a F1b Mini Bernedoodle.


Duke is so amazingly calm.  Seriously, I’ve only heard a slight whimper out of him on the way home and that’s been it. He’s tolerated Bear’s over excitement and the kids playing. He just takes it all in.  We love him already. - Chantelle

Note: Bear is a 5 year old Mini Goldendoodle and is also a Railway baby!


Coco (Blake) was adopted at  5 1/2 months of age!
He's a Mini Multigen Goldendoodle.


Merry Christmas to you and your family! We love Blake/Coco (our new dog baby ). Thanks for everything! - Marus Family 

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