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Traveling with your puppy/dog safely

 1) Puppy/Dog Car Safety- The puppy will need a car harness and safety strap that locks into your car seat belt system, just as your own seat belt does. Purchase a couple of rubber back throw rugs, one can be placed on the seat of your car to insure the puppy/dog has good traction under their feet and to make it easy to clean up if your puppy were to get an upset tummy from the car ride. Puppies can also travel safely home in the car in a crate that is of proper size and comfort. It is only recommended to carry the puppy on a family members lap in the car, if you live a short distance from us. Please never let your dog hang their heads out an open widow, cracking the window open for some fresh air is fine but never enough to allow them to be able to stick their heads out. Never allow your dog to ride freely about the car this is for your puppy and your safety, if your ever involved in a accident you want your pet contained for their safety. Dogs by instinct and fear, even in a fender bender will take the first out they can find to flee the seen of the accident to feel safe. 

2.)  A MUST please when traveling with your puppy now or in the future, potty or exercise them in areas not frequented by other travelers with their pets. Do not exercise or potty your puppy at roadside rest areas, travel stations, truck stops, restaurants, service stations, and fast food to name a few.  Dogs naturally will smell another dogs poo this is how they identify each other.  Though this is normal it does potentially put them at risk of coming in contact with various parasites and viruses

 (including the Parvo Virus). Your Puppy's immune system isn't strong enough to protect them from getting potentially  harmful viruses. Please think outside the box on this, about what areas would be safe to potty the puppy if only necessary. For examples a Church, insurance agency.......  Always be responsible and have poo bags to clean up immediately after your puppy/dog.  

3) Puppy/dog to go car bag - Leash, Harness, Safety seat belt strap, rubber back rug, poo bags, several small trash bags, paper towels, bath towel, small towel, bottled water and baby wipes. 

The paper towels, wipes and trash bags will come in very handy if your puppy/dog gets car sick. These items will make clean up of the puppy and the car much easier. The bath towel would be placed over the rug for clean dry bedding, if a clean up would become necessary. 

4) Car Sickness - Please keep in mind that the car ride home with your puppy will most likely be the puppy's second car ride and the first without he/she's siblings.

The car ride may cause some anxiety and/or an upset tummy. Some puppies will salivate, if so place a bath towel over the rug. Give the puppy a (no odor) bully stick or chew hoof and their Cuddle Puppy (if you choose to get one), if your able to have a family member ride beside them for a while. This will help relive anxiety and comfort the puppy while they learn that car rides can be enjoying. Make sure not to feed your puppy 3 hours before traveling, this could only make them vomit if their not comfortable with the car yet.

 If car sickness would persist after 5-10 short car rides, please speak to your veterinarian about a prescription medication called Cerenia, we don't recommend the use of tranquilizers for car rides.     

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