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Brushing your Doodle


Learning how to brush and comb your Doodle properly, video linked below.

If you do not have time for regular full body brush outs or time for frequent grooming appointments every 4-6 weeks, because your not a fan of brushing or don't have the time required to brush and comb on a regular basis.



Brushing is very important in keeping your Doodle's coat free of tangles, mats, debris and helps promote healthy and clean skin. Mating is very uncomfortable and inhumane for all dogs.  Matting causes your dogs skin to be constantly and uncomfortably pulled on in the matted areas, creates unhealthy flaky skin which then causes unnecessary itching by your dog. Itchy dogs have a higher risk of getting hot-spots, skin infections and causing self inflicted abrasion and sores on their skin from scratching and biting at their coat to try to get some relief from the discomforts they're currently in.

 Which bottom line, is going to cause you to have much higher Grooming bill for your Doodles to be humanly shaved down and additional visits to their Veterinarian to address the itchiness and skin conditions. 

  We frankly see this way to much and it's completely avoidable and irresponsible. Keeping your Doodle in a puppy cut of 1-2 inches of body coat with a little longer head, ears and tail is very manageable. You should NEVER remove mats or tangles by cutting them out with scissors, I have heard of many pets require sutures, due to the pet moving as the owner was cutting away a mat/tangle and cut their pets skin as well. 

 We also see many Doodle owners on social media venting about their Groomer shaving their Doodle completely down and then throwing the Groomer under the bus. Groomers are not miracle workers and frankly the last thing we want to do is to shave any dogs down to the skin. Why? It takes 2-3 times longer to do a matted or tangled shave down, it breaks our backs and hands, your dog will be exhausted from all the time spent on the grooming table and most importantly your dogs skin is now completely exposed and will cause your dogs skin and mind to become on sensory overload causing much stress to them.

 What do we mean by sensory overload? They have fur for many reasons, with their skin now being exposed their sense of touch can becomes acutely sensitive or hyper-aware. For examples, if the hair on their tail were to touch their back while walking or playing, now they will think something invisible is attacking them from behind and may cause them enough stress by sitting in one place and not wanting to move or sit shivering in fear, they will no longer be able to hold their body temperature properly, even a soft breeze from the wind or a fan can make them feel as if a swarm of bugs are attacking them and they can also easily sunburn as well now. The only thing you can do to comfort them till their coat begins to grow back is put a light tee shirt jacket on them during warm/hot seasons or a sweater/heavier jacket for cold seasons. Please be curious to your groomer as this is 99.9% of the time the owners lack of proper brushing and combing, not your Groomers fault, so please take accountability. We understand that life can be very busy and fast tract but please make sure you save the time needed and deserved for your Doodle to have a coat that he/she and you are proud of. If this is done right it can be relaxing for you and your doodle. Keeping your Doodle in a puppy cut 1-2 inches in length is pretty easy to maintain. Tipping your groomer for a job well done is always appropriate, even if your doodle required being cut down.


Slicker Brush

Tools needed - Slicker brush, comb, time and participants.

Slicker brush and comb can be purchased on Amazon

Greyhound Comb (course to fine)

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A Good video demonstrating with proper techniques for brushing and combing your Doodle.

This video link is being shared from You Tube we are not the publishers.

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