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The step by step Process to Adopt a Railway Puppy

1. To help place our special puppies to the right families, we kindly ask that you submit our QUESTIONNAIRE first. If the questionnaire is submitted properly.. you will get a confirmation email almost instantly. If you don't receive the confirmation.. then you missed some questions on the form and please try again.

2. We will follow up with a phone call... 

3. If both parties are in agreement.. we move forward to place you on a list or help you pick your perfect match right away if the puppy/litter is ready to go home at the time. 

NOTE: We start our pickings at 6 weeks of age, pickings are done in list order.

Picking Process..
We ask that the family chooses 2-4 puppies of their top preference for their picking video.

Once the video is sent to the family..the family has no more than 24 hours to make their decision, if a decision isn't made by the 24 hour mark.. we will move on to the next family. We will be there for you to talk and answer questions via phone if you want to be assisted with your decision.

Thank you very much for considering RailwayAcres! 

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