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All of our puppies go home with a courtesy 30 day trial of
Trupanion Pet insurance. All you have to do is activate the policy.

Activation Period:  Buyers can call to activate their new puppies policy

24 hours before taking the puppy home!

If you forget, you'll have until 

24 hours after the puppy goes home to activate the Go Home Day Offer.

Having pet insurance is becoming more and more important.
 Why? Most general practitioner Veterinary Clinic's/Hospitals are referring their patients out to Veterinary Specialist more so now than ever and most all Veterinary Practices refer out to your local animal ER for after hour care. A few examples would be for Hospitalization, Surgery, Orthopedics, Diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Dermatology, this is just to name a few.
While most families can manage the costs of routine veterinary care, specialty care can get very costly, sometimes thousands of dollars.
Being better prepared if your dog should ever need specialty or emergency care will take an enormous load off the financial concerns that could arise and will help offer your dog the best veterinary care recommended.

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